Importance of Insured Rental  At Bounce House King we are fully insured for all of your rental needs. You may be wondering why that is important and yes, it is super important. Unlike car rental insurance which isn’t necessary when you have your own car insurance bounce houses can be a bit more complicated. With a bounce house rental, you are not responsible for normal wear and tear on our rental houses. For example, if a seam comes apart or a hole is created from normal use that is completely covered. However, if you have sharp objects on the bounce house or use silly string or other liquids that can eat away at the material you would be responsible for the cost of damages. Where us being insured comes in to play is if someone is injured on the bounce house and the bouncer is the direct cause. Most homeowners insurance companies do cover injuries but insurance companies will want to know if the bounce company was insured. All of our bouncers are fully inspected to ensure your safety and health. We will go over the logistics of every rental such us how many kids are allowed on the bouncer at one time and expect an adult to be supervising younger children at all times. We also ask you to avoid certain things on or around the inflatables such as  Also making sure if the rental is rented for an adult party that they are being handled responsibly. When you rent with Bounce House King all your receipts will come with a waiver that will go over all of the rules and responsibilities and you will become the trained operator of the inflatable! We want you to have the most fun at your event and we are fully insured to keep you safe and worry-free. Contact Bounce House King for your next rental! Tropical Combo Dry