About Us

Let me formally introduce myself, my name is Whitney Mitchum, and I am the owner and operator of Bounce House King. Have you ever rented an Inflatable online and after it was set up, it looked nothing like what was pictured? Well, it happened to us. In April 2017, we rented an inflatable for our son’s birthday and it was old, dirty, and appeared nothing like the bounce house we’d picked out. That day, I had an inspiration, and just two short months later, Bounce House King was born.

Initially, we stayed small, as my husband was serving in the Army, but about a year ago, he retired and is now home with our children, allowing me to focus on my dream of becoming a successful business owner. Here at Bounce House King, we pride ourselves on having new and well maintained units and doing everything within our power to ensure your event is unforgettable (in a good way). Planning events and birthday parties is stressful enough without worrying about getting what you pay for or stressing about someone showing up on time, or trying frantically to clean a bounce house (that should have already been cleaned) before your guests arrive.

We strive to make your event as easy and stress free as possible; just book online, sign your contract, pick your event times and let us do the rest. Let us Bring the Bounce to your next party!